Dalliance with Dionysius

Dalliance with Dionysius

“Making good wine is a skill. Fine wine is an art.” ~ Robert Mondavi

Over a decade ago I became enchanted with vineyards. The first ripe Syrah clusters I sampled in the hills above Malibu in 1999 cast a mystical spell on me. Lured me down a path of romance and alchemy, and an idyll dalliance with Dionysius.  Little did I know the plans this Pleadian God had in store for me!

Vinfuzion was conceived under a palm tree in a tropical rainstorm in Hawaii where I had planned to retreat from the world. Instead, within months, I had secured winery space, old bio-dynamic vines, and a small tasting room on the Paso Robles wine trail. The River Rouge had carried me off to ports of Cabernets and Viogniers, to far off lands of Italian steel towers and rolling barrels of French oak redolent with exotic fragrances –-flowers, fruits and yeasts. Here I remain a captive among these vessels of veritas!

Wine is the juice that flows between generations and cultures, between past and present and what we send forth into the future.  The root systems of 100 year old vines burrow deeply into the earth pulling up layers of history into their fruit.  This fruit finds its way into our wine goblets, and we are drinking time.

One can’t know how time will impact life. Very true of wines. To open bottles that we made in 2004, over eight years ago, and discover rare beauty has been one of my great lessons in patience. One I wish I had learned before drinking some wine before it’s time. A mistake I shall not make again.

Pietri Cellars’ two lines –Vinfuzion & Gemme – are slowly aging in bottles and barrels for your drinking pleasure for years to come. There are many layers of inspiration from vineyard and winery within. I greatly look forward to sharing them with you along with tales of the River Rouge on my Vinsanity Blog.

Please enjoy our fabulous new website created by Mt. Shasta geniuses, Kendra Varcoe and Nikki Lee Hill. You will also discover the brilliant Sacred Geometry art of Karen Carty through out the site.  My cork is off to them!