A ritual, a sacrament, a tribute, an elixir, an alchemy to liberate, seduce, inspire & transcend…


Wine is the enchanted Spirit that infiltrates the most intimate and sacred moments of our lives.  From weddings to anniversaries, birthdays to end days, graduations to retirements, romances to heartbreaks, bacchanals to holy communions, a goblet of wine has been hoisted to celebrate our many rites of passage.

Wine, like art, music and language, arrived from the ethers with our earliest ancestors. Defined in the Sutras, the Bible, the Koran, the pleasures of wine have been chronicled by prophets and poets. The oldest vines on the planet borrow hundreds of years into the earth bringing ancient cellular memory up into the grapes, and into your glass.  When you drink wine you are drinking time!

But not all wine is created equal, oh no my brethren of the vine. Wine that is worthy of ceremony is the stuff of legend. It is an illusive libation that intoxicates the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It may be found in the most humble villages or at the banquet tables of the elite. It may cost a pittance or a king’s ransom.  Fine wine is a magical elixir forged from the gnarled hands of devoted viticulturists and the imagination of impassioned vin-alchemists.

In 2005 the journey of Pietri Cellars began in a barn beside a 30-year-old biodynamic vineyard planted with French clones of Viognier and Syrah.  Biodynamic practices hook a vineyard into the cosmos. Vines flourish within cycles of their own balanced ecosystem while planting, pruning, watering and harvesting all happen according to the phases of the moon. Farming within this matrix pulls vital energies from the ethos and earth combined.  The first year we harvested Viognier from our biodynamic vineyard our mouths could not get enough of these vibrant clusters. It was like drinking starlight!

Wine-making is both science and art. Science is the basic form — yeast converts grape sugar into alcohol, aging in oak softens tannins.  But in the words of a Kung Fu Master , “you must learn the form to forget the form.” Winemaking at Pietri Cellars is a flight into an art form with infinite possibilities to capture and transfer light, consiousness and sensual beauty in a bottle of wine!





They say that paradise will be sublime with jugs of precious wine. Why not drink the wine now? Why not join the dance now? For that’s how it’s going to be anyway. -Rumi