Vin Alchemist


Pamela Pietri, Owner, Vin Alchemist

Born near the wild ginseng fields of Wisconsin, Pamela was raised by a Corsican country doctor who collected fine wines and cognacs from all over the world. From the time she could hold a cup, there was often a bit of the grape in it.

After college Pamela became a staff reporter for New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press where she wrote profiles on the exploding rock scene lead by Bruce Springstein and Southside Johnny.  Before long she ventured to New York City where was on staff at Psychology Today Magazine, The National Lampoon, New Times Magazine, Adweek Magazine. Pamela was working for New York Magazine and The Village Voice when they were ravaged by Ruppert Murdoch in his first  hostile take over.  She drowned her sorrows in a vintage bottle of Petrus and the die was cast!

In 1997 Pamela earned a masters degree in Eastern Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and became a board certified acupuncturist. While studying in China, she gained access to secret elixirs of the culture. They were magical, potent, but hardly potable. Inspiration struck! What if rejuvenating elixirs could taste gorgeous? Pamela began experimenting with rare botanicals and spirits like bourbon, tequila and cognac creating potions and elixirs for her clients in Malibu, CA. where she practiced alternative medicine for many years.

Once upon a full moon the alchemist met a winemaker in the hills above Malibu shores where they got shnockered and began lacing the local wine with bits of magical plants.  They enjoyed themselves immensely. Soon the local town’s people got wind of these infused libations, demanding them for their feasts and high rituals. Vinfuzion was born. Today, Pamela is an award winning winemaker. Her reverence for the essence of wine grapes evolved her away from plant infusions toward a process using vibrant gemstones to refine the mouth feel and finish of the wine.  Pamela is committed to crafting rare organic and biodynamic nectars worthy of the Gods!