Vin Alchemy


Imagine with your senses, with your soul what a wine can be when calcareous hillsides are drenched in sunlight and tempered by evening fog. When old vines are tendered with a reverence that hooks them into the cosmos. Vines flourish within cycles of their own balanced ecosystem while planting, pruning, watering and harvesting all happen according to the phases of the moon.

Wine is alchemy in a bottle. Grape clones date back thousands of years from the heart of Western Europe and the Mediterranean.  They carry the essence of the soil where they first blossomed, the Gaia genetics that connect us to the source that tickles our very DNA.   Shaped like an egg, the alchemical chamber, a wine barrel receives the sweet juice of the vine. Under the stewardship of the winemaker transmutation occurs until one day these funky, dusted covered chambers deliver their timeless elixirs.

Pietri Cellars’ team of radical winemakers hand harvest biodynamic and organic grapes at what we like to call “the sweet spot” between sugar and acid. Red grapes are cold soaked to extract the intense flavors. They are fermented at low temperatures to deliver bold, lush and chewy wines.

Our reds are aged in barrels for up to three years before bottling, lending structure for long term cellaring. White grapes are harvested in the chill of early morning, pressed and tank fermented a low temperatures for several months to coax out bright fruit notes.  Some whites are rich and kissed by neutral French Oak, some are whites of steel, lean and crisp.

Now imagine these precious liquids taken to a whole other level, a level inspired by the Ancients, a level of sublime majesty.  Pietri Cellars wines are finished with proprietary method that renders a silky sensuous mouth feel. Our secret resonance process refines the wine, sort of hums it into an eloquence that soothes the soul and delights the palate!